Rahul Gandhi’s comment on our country’s economy is more informative about BJP government.

A video is released of Rahul Gandhi on the condition of our economy which is mostly viewed recently in which he is trying to tell people how BJP government is destroying our economy.

He says that in the year 2008 their was a economic storm in which almost every developed, developing and underdeveloped countries were extremely affected. Banks and companies of America fell adversely. But India remain unaffected, at that time Manmohan Singh was the prime minister of our country he said to understand Indian economy one should know that India has two economic structures one is formal economy which includes big companies and another one is informal economy which includes farmers, medium and small size companies

Till the date India’s informal structure is strong no economic storm can affect Indian economy.

He further adds that BJP government is trying to destroy our informal economy and gives three main examples which are :-

  1. demonetization
  2. wrong GST and
  3. Lockdown

These three were planned to destroy informal economy of our country.

He also says that there is crores of rupees in informal sector which government cannot touch. BJP government simply wants to break it. It will have harsh results on our citizens as well as our economy because our country will not be able to generate employment as 90% of jobs are available in informal economy. Because of this India will face one of the biggest unemployment.

At last he says that we are the ones who are running the country and the government is trying to cheat us. There is a urgent need to understand this conspiracy against us and we have to unite and fight against this.

Are we really being fooled?

Do we really need to open our eyes and do something about it?

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