World Environment Day

The combination of three R’s make the theme of this environment day super exciting which are –
Reimagine , Recreate and Restore which turns out to be Ecosystem Restoration.
This day is also known as eco day or WED.

The world environment day every year occurs on June 5 . On this day The UN environment programme (UNEP) draws the attention of businessmen , government communities and companies towards taking a strict action to save and restore the earth’s ecosystem.
It do organises various Intresting events which spreads awareness about saving environment . It is celebrated by nearly 100 countries.

Since 1974 , this day is celebrated on June 5 by the citizens of more than 100 countries , so that we get to know the importance of a healthy and green environment for us as well as for our future generations. This event is celebrated Worldwide by the government to make valuable decisions and implementing some positive actions for our nature .

Some activities are also performed by individuals and private sectors to keep the surrounding clean and maintain proper hygiene without letting the people destroy it by throwing garbage all around , making rivers dirty using the name of God and for their own sake .

Since the day it has been started it is hosted by different cities every year with new themes as they gets changed according to the year . Spokane , United States was the first city to host this day in 1974 with the theme “only one earth” which followed the chain till now. And the theme for this year is “Generation Restoration” which is being hosted by our neighboring country Pakistan.

We should follow some measures on this day as well as every day to safeguard our environment , those measures are –

  1. Spread awareness among everyone around you in every possible way you can.
  2. Plant more trees and maintain them so it can be a cure to control pollution.
  3. Do not pollute rivers or any water body that could make the surrounding even more worst.
  4. In this pandemic one can also conduct webinars to spread awareness about banning plastic as it causes a lot of pollution and is also harmful for animals.
  5. Posters , banners and pamphlets can help though.

The whole idea of celebrating world environment day is to create a pollution free surrounding. We can do so much to protect our mother earth from being destroyed . It’s in our hand either we ‘make it’ or we ‘break it’ , only some efforts and then that day is not far where we will be successful in creating a tainting free environment for ourselves and for the future champions.

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