Family and new technologies

‘Family is like a boat in which all the members sail together and fight against the huddles coming in their way. ‘
A family keeps much importance and significance in each person’s life , every person holds their own value in some or the other way.
And to cherish these blood bonds International Family Day is celebrated across the world every year on May 15 by the international community.

As we can see the heading , this year the theme of IFD is ” Families and new technologies” this indicates the awareness of new technologies among the people for the welfare of society as well as families.

There are some family values which each member of the family should follow like –
. Social values which includes being respectful, responsible, honest, generous and teamwork.
. Religious values Including faith , modest and being compassionate.
. Moral values which teaches us never giving up on anything, courageous, keeping patience and adding value to everything as much as you can.

The United Nations General Assembly signified this day in 1994 to the changing structure in every aspect that are affecting the basic family values in various parts of the world.
Later in 1993 UN passed some guidelines to frame the ideas for the well being of families including the improvement in their living standards and the social progess made by the families across the world.

In the past years people celebrated the occasion of family day joyfully with their families in a different way . Usually in the last years we celebrated this day by going out with our family, spending quality time and going for dinner but in this phase of lockdown it was celebrated differently at home .

Everybody enjoyed it in a discrete manner ,some sat together , talked with each other having some fun conversations where as some cooked the dinner together keeping in mind the measures of Covid -19 they sanitized themselves and maintained social distancing to keep each other’s safety.
As a token of love they clicked pictures together and prayed to God for their families well being and to keep all of them happy and safe.

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