Inclination of the Indian youth towards the Korean pop culture.


From South Korean musician Psy’s upbeat song ‘Gangnam Style’ going viral in India in 2012, to the last three months, India has climbed a few ranks to be among the top six countries contributing to YouTube music-video views of K-pop bands like BTS , EXO and BLACKPINK K-pop, as well as Korean dramas, have been a prominent subculture among India’s generation for the last couple of years now. The cultural exports from the country like K-beauty and Korean food, they form a part of the Korean cultural wave, called Hallyu.

The Indian youth believe that the Korean dramas are far better than Indian soaps because the scripts are well-written with the every aspect of modern life.

The script of k- drama’s are such that the viewer gets involved with the lives of the protagonists. After watching the K-pop and K- dramas some fans have even express their wish to travel to South Korea to get the real feel.

The craze of learning the Korean language has seen an uptick in India as the popularity of K-pop culture. One of the reasons why students are opting for the Korean language is mainly to enhance job opportunities in Korean companies.

The main reason of their learning is because of their great affection towards the K-pop or the K- dramas. The korean bands, which is also called K-pop have a fan base in all the parts of the country and the desire to know the lyrics and understand the meaning of the songs has driven youngsters to learn the korean language.
Kim Kum-Pyoung, the Director of the Korean Cultural Centre in India said , “Last year, we also launched the Korean language course in Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU). Onwards, people from all over the country who want to know, can easily learn the Korean language through IGNOU.”

The Korean Times also stated a jump up of K-drama viewership during lockdown, making India among the top six countries contributing to views of the K-pop and K-dramas.

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