Yes, it is a question all teenagers and youths have in their minds.
All youths nowadays have believed that no one understands them or value their opinion or even want to know their perspective. May that person be their parents, guardian , teacher.
But is it that way , hmm I don’t think so as the famous quote goes
“ We can’t clap with single hand “

So what is the main obstacles that is stopping the teenager to voice their problems and elders to understand their situation.
The answer to this question is “lack of communication”.

The lack of communication causes lots of wrong assumption and misunderstanding. If we start to share our thoughts to our parents, guardians or teachers and listen to their opinions and discover errors of their thoughts by them.
Then neither generation gap nor different mindset will be an hindrance in our relationship.

“Communication To a relationship is like oxygen to life without it ….it dies.”
–Tony Gaskins

Through communication people can share their life experiences and they can learn from each other’s mistake and on which behalf they made decisions.

As teenage is most crucial time In a person’s life , which usually determine our characters but they also faces mostly physical, emotional , hormonal and mental changes in this time, though by communicating with the person they trust and take help through their guidance, they can easily get through this time and make an amazing and strong character.

And for making this communication work better and be beneficial we have start being patients, because it helps us to be a good listener and a better speaker. As it goes before being a good speaker we have to be a good listener
So , Yes it should not be ‘ Why don’t they understand’ , it should be ” Why don’t we communicate”.

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