This is what we do in the name of women empowerment?

It is truly said by one of the most powerful woman Hellen Keller that “Women have discovered that they cannot rely on men’s chivalry to give them justice.”

Every now and then we hear news like women gang raped, women gang raped and killed, women victim of domestic violence, etc.
A similar type of incident happened on Saturday April 10 in our country’s capital and so called one of the biggest and ‘developed city of India ‘.
A women was stabbed to death on the suspicion of her having an affair with another person, by her husband. In Delhi`s Rohini area which is shockingly a crowded place.
When she was returning home after work her husband stabbed her with a knife in front of public. Now the astonishing thing here is public was watching it silently instead of taking action.
But when a young couple is getting close in public people immediately stand against it!

Why! When a couple is doing romance in public in unethical and what about a women killed in public?

Is this in our culture?

Is this ethical?

In the era where women are not just a wonderful homemaker but also a super talented working women this is happening with them. In the name feminism and women rights she is stabbed in the public. Of which some people say that she deserved this.

Relying upon government and judiciary for justice is a waste of time clearly. In our judiciary system women are just provided with the rights not with justice.

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